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Slightly better visualizations, Round 3

February 25, 2011

Ok, here’s a more advanced redrawing. Hit the jump!

Schenkerian voice-leading sketches are actually pretty good, graphically speaking, but a little color can go a long way. Here’s a sketch from Michael Buchler. It’s pretty good, but you can see that the space between the staves gets a little cluttered. Mine is right below (you can click the thumbnails for hi-res versions).

buchler sketch

buchler sketch colorized

The big issue with this one was splitting up the different layers of information. This is not my analysis, so it’s hard to say whether or not the information is actually clearer here than the original. The less important parts are gray (staff lines included) and the most important parts are black. The octave progression in the top line is blue, and lightens a bit when it moves into an inner voice. Roman numerals are all serif fonts now, and less important ones are also gray (Roman numerals don’t matter at all in descending bass line progressions, so I almost took them out entirely). The text has been moved above the staff and put in a different color, so it’s relatively easy to separate out if you want to focus on it. One more visualization to go, and then we’ll call it quits for today.

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